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A Cloud So High - Paul Sarling in a dream sequence - © Copyright MMXXI by Christopher Lee

A Cloud So High

While living under the roof of his aging, disgraced ex-cop father Gene Sarling (John Savage, The Deer Hunter), mentally unstable 22-year-old war veteran Paul (Aaron Perilo, True Blood) evolves from a petty thief and ransacker to brutal killer. And Gene, also a recovering alcoholic, is forced to confront the fiercest nemesis of his entire life: his own son. The feature writing and directing debut of Hollywood all-rounder Christoper Lee Parson is an astonishing high-wire act, a thriller stylised to maximum overload for a uniquely unsettling viewing experience. 


"Parson has crafted something messy and monstrously unwieldy – which, more than any reality effect or faux-documentary posturing, makes this fictive tale seem convincingly true to life. Complicated and confounding, stylised and sophisticated, this is Taxi Driver for a new generation."

Anton Bitel -- Projected Figures

About Christopher Lee Parson

A graduate of the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts, Christopher Lee Parson originally studied to be a film critic. His lifelong fascination with show business in general, however, led Parson to work in several different areas of the business: casting, talent management, visual effects, and voiceover acting.


A longtime member of the Screen Actors Guild, Parson has lent his voice to many different projects: In the first-person-shooter video game “Overwatch”, Parson essayed the role of Junkrat; for video game “Final Fantasy XV”, he provided the voice of Gladio. For Best Animated Feature Oscar-winner “Rango”, Christopher voiced seven different characters. Parson has also performed on acclaimed projects such as “Assassins Creed: Revelations”, “Call of Duty: Black Ops”, “Family Guy”, Netflix’s “Love + Robots”, "Cookie Run Kingdom", and "Saturday Night Live".


In addition to his video game and animation work, Parson served as the voice for the Syfy Channel for years, voiced promos for The History Channel: International, Country Music Television, Canada's City TV, TNT’s hit TV series “Snowpiercer”, Fox’s “The Resident”, and IMDB TV's "Judy Justice". Christopher won a Promax Award in 2019 for Best Voiceover Performance for his work on the Sundance Channel’s “Deutschland ’86” promos.


Most recently, Parson voiced the television and radio campaign for Disney’s Emma Stone and Emma Thompson blockbuster “Cruella”. He recently branched out into feature filmmaking with the independently made thriller, “A Cloud So High”, which marks Parson's writing / directing debut. 

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